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Our grapes

Since time of blossoming to the development of the bunch, vineyard farmer increases the attention and by a constant listening of Nature in Val di Suro. grapes grow healthy; they mature in the sun of this island and are fortified on fresh nights; They take energy from the breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the seven lakes in our estate, benefiting of a unique and precious climatic excursion. We also chose high rows, which require a great deal effort but give us extraordinary perfect fruits. In pulpy and ruby grapes, even before harvest, we already see the strength of our wine.

The harvest

Begins the annual work of the vineyard; A daily and perpetual observation of branches and hanging clusters. The perlustrations begin in the dusty tracks of the Val di Suro estate, scrutinizing rows sorted on different slopes; we want find the most mature bunches from which the harvest festival will begins. Every day can be the right one; the vineyard gives orders and the farmer obeys to the eternal rite, carried out strictly by hand by men and women united by a common awareness: We will have tiring but exciting days.

The night harvest

E’ buona pratica procedere alla pigiatura delle uve in tempi molto prossimi alla loro recisione dal grappolo, ma per specifici vitigni è di fondamentale importanza la giusta temperatura degli acini. E’ per questo motivo che è necessario attendere il loro raffreddamento. Ciò è facilitato naturalmente se la raccolta avviene nelle ore notturne, ad una temperatura più favorevole,  grazie ad un’escursione termica di almeno 10°C. Così i filari si riempiono di luci; chi è dedito alla raccolta sfiora gentilmente le piante ed offre gli acini alle cesoie porgendoli poi alle ceste… Un duro lavoro che diviene rito magico che si avvera sotto le stelle.

The processing of the must

The baskets come to the cellar and two worlds meet: That rural one, made of earth and sweat, of physical and tactile sensations, and the technologic one. Under the wooden roofs of Val di Suro’s cellars, advanced machinery its attend for starting the production of the musts. It’s time to separate the grapes from the cluster; This detachment has to be accomplished without anything remaining in grapes.The pressing then takes place very gently, softly, so that seeds doesn’t spill or doesen’t flows to the precious liquid.

Vinification and ageing

We bet on the Future, remaining in love with our traditions. Vinification is a delicate process different for every single wine; This is why we focus on the most advanced technologies to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of the fluids. For whites and rosé wines we proceed with Cold Pre-fermentative Maceration a technique reserved to Quality wines, gaining the perfect extraction of tannins and polyphenols. It’s important, however, a passage on wood, for specific wines, to give herbal and toasted hints really very pleasing to the palate. That’s for Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir.

Bottling and labelling

It’s time the wine can be bottled and stored in cellar. This process requires a great deal of attention and care. The bottle must be emptied of the present oxygen so that it doesen’t deteriorate the precious wine. The labeling that follows, means to Val di Suro people an exciting moment; Our bottles wear the trademark of Protected Geographical Indication and the beloved Madonie Natural Park brand.Our labels rapresent the culmination of a season of hard and patient work, the awareness of having enclosed in these formidable wines a long history of excellence.
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