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It dates back to the second century this Roman coin, a precious find of our Val di Suro, testimony of munific trade between these shores and the Empire. From here there were jars and amphorae filled with Wine and Wheat destined for Rome. Since then the vocation of this land has never changed; It is here, under this sun and from times bound up with Eternity, that matures the nectar of the gods.

This land has been firmly defended in its original vocation of Life and Wine from the Casato of Ventimiglia; A noble family that has ruled over these feuds for centuries giving back, in its pride, the culture of good drinking. And while the Human Being over the centuries gathered these precious fruits, the vigor of the harverst of Val di Suro, meanwhile, refined to become nobleness. We are entrusted with the task of protecting these fruits, this culture, this high lineage. This is a Territory of domination, of marvelous marriages of very different civilizations, of passion for good living; loved by those who have conquered it and have protected its splendor. Val di Suro finally faces the third millennium with a strong identity: We are Sicilians!

We are immersed in the protected area of the Madonie Park and, along the slopes that cross the Val di Suro Estate, are immediately spectacular and impressive the vineyards that vigorously rise to unusual heights for this Mediterranean border; The perfect fruits, ready for harvest, are waiting for the vineyard shears 1.5 mt from the ground. The grapes are nourished by a fresh soil rich in trace elements, and they are crossed by the sea breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which has always attend to their indomitable birth. Then the power of the Sicilian Sun will give unique colors and flavors to our wines.

Val di Suro, in its imposing extension, welcomes you among the ancient olive groves; carob tree and arbutus plantations dotted the expanses that look to the luscious sea and whose closeness to our vineyard, gives our wine aromas and extraordinary flavors.

Strong forests surround the ordered geometries of vigorous plants and full of blossoming berries, infusing scent of moss, mushrooms, chestnut and oak, cork and citrus fruits. That’s exactly how it reaches us, this indomitable wine, adding scents to flavors, traditional wisdom, defeats to victory, dust and sky … In a seasonal battle that ends in the cool twilight of our cellars. It’s a miraculous mix of historical, human and natural elements that give Suro’s wines a magical and extraordinary character.

At the edge of the forests, South of the valleys of Val di Suro, stands the Gibilmanna Shrine, a Benedictine monastery built at the dawn of the 6th century. We believe that from there, “A Gran Signura”, The Great Lady, Virgin and Mother, observe and protect our stubborn peasants. A Signura has been assisting many centuries in the daily battle of rebirth, the stubborn will of these men to continue the narrative of an important story, that of work on a happy island, in a triangle of Earth that every day conquers its ransom. A Signura preserve in all its clarity the power of this land that points straight to the Sea, towards other worlds.

This is how thanks to the Man and the Divine the story of Val di Suro and its essences in the wine goes fiercely; Doubling and then tripling the harvest and, above all, growing in nobility and qualitative and organoleptic characteristics, giving incomparable and precious effluents, collected in a chalice of incomparable palate experiences.

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